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Natural Dandruff Shampoo for Dandruff Control

While most cases of dandruff can be effectively treated by controlling scalp oils, many professionals – Dermatologists and Trichologists – find that chronic or severe cases of flaking and itching are caused by shampoos or hair products that inflame the scalp and causes irritation.

Using a natural dandruff shampoo that has been formulated specifically for flaking, itchiness, and bacteria or fungus reduction will help soothe the scalp as well as significantly reduce flakes and itching that produces dandruff-like symptoms.

Sometimes confused with scalp psoriasis or dermatitis, dandruff is most characterized by the iconic white flakes in the hair and shoulders, scalp inflammation, and itchiness. Most often resulting from excessive oil production on the scalp or bacteria, symptoms can often be treated effectively with a natural dandruff shampoo that avoids follicle root irritation while gently deep cleaning product build-up, oil and dirt.

For less severe cases, regulating sebum production from sebaceous glands irrigates follicle pores and helps reduce fungal infection caused by the interaction of yeast and sebum. Likewise, accumulation of residue from styling aids – hair sprays, gels, and creams – can clog pores, trap dirt, and increase flaking and infection. For chronic dandruff control, using natural ingredients in formulations specifically designed for flaking and itchy may very well provide a long-term cure.

Natural Dandruff Shampoo – Effective Natural Ingredients

As a hair products manufacturer, we recommend natural-based shampoos and conditioners for dandruff control. Products that contain Zinc PCA have been shown to effectively control over-active sebaceous glands – reducing oil production and the likleihood of product residue build-up, bacteria and fungus infection. Zinc PCA helps irrigate clogged follicle pores and is generally gentle on the scalp. As an alternative, peppermint-menthol formulations are effective replacements for Zinc.

Peppermint, Spearmint and their extract, Menthol, have many of the same properties of Zinc and provide a refreshing aroma and a tingling sensation that gives mental “wake-up call” to early morning showers. Used in conjunction with paraben-free shampoos with gentle surfactants, Peppermint-Menthol shampoo (mint shampoo) works well to naturally soothe and cleanse.

Other natural ingredients to look for are Sage, Burdock, and Fenugreek. Each provide soothing relief to inflammation and irritation helping to reduce itchy and flakes. Shampoos that contain Emu Oil are also popular and effective. Emu Oil is well known for its deep-penetrating properties that moisturize the scalp and provide hydration to the follicle shaft and cortex. Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Panthenol all work similarly and are effective at cleaning trapped dirt and oil while helping to heal and repair.

Natural dandruff shampoo is often preferred by those with scalps prone to irritation. Inflammation caused by artificial ingredients or harsh cleansers can inflame leading to flakes and more serious problems such as scalp psoriasis or seborrhea dermatitis. Naturally-derived ingredients have been proven to provide effective dandruff control while improving scalp and hair health.

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